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Enable the Children

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Enable the Children

Enable the Children is a team of local, and expatriate, staff who provide physiotherapy care to approximately 800 children living with disabilities in Freetown, the capital of Sierra Leone. More than half of the children enrolled with Enable the Children suffer from cerebral palsy; other conditions include Down syndrome, autism, acquired brain injury, muscular dystrophy and orthopaedic challenges.


In Sierra Leone, poor health care contributes to high rates of physical and mental disability. Widespread misunderstanding of disabilities, extensive poverty, traditional beliefs, and illiteracy often means the affected children are abandoned or rejected, both by their family and community.

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Enable the Children staff visit patients in their homes and teach families and caregivers how to support children with disabilities through play and developmental positioning. This allows families the opportunity to learn how to provide at-home care and treatment to children in a manner that is sustainable and easily integrated in to their everyday lives.


Enable the Children also provides support for the family unit as they learn to look after the child and provide a loving, nurturing home life. As cultural beliefs lead many mothers to blame themselves when a child is born with a disability, Enable the Children works with them to help them understand each child’s medical case, and to reassure parents that they have done nothing wrong.

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