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A Sharing Scotsman?

Updated: Sep 18, 2019

I am not good at sharing. It is mainly due to pride I reckon; I truly believe that I am always right and I really don’t want to have to explain myself to people. Plus, I am also a bit weird/strange/different (or as my mum would say…... special!)

This never lends itself too much to wanting to share, as there tends not to be anyone on the same level of weirdness (if we are friends, I’m afraid it means I saw a bit of weirdness in you) and finally, I do care a bit too much about what people think about me.

However, when it comes to writing a blog, sharing seems quite important! Especially when the reason for the blog is leaving the UK and moving to Sierra Leone to work with disabled children.

There have been lots of little moments that have led me to making this move however the biggest driving force behind it has been my faith. At some point I’m sure all these little moments will be shared, but when I think about it, none of it would have happened if I wasn’t a Christian. So I thought sharing a wee bit why I am a Christian would be a good place to start.

I became a Christian during my first year of uni when I was 27, before this I would have said I was no different from the majority of young people. I had a great family and good friends; I enjoyed my university course and participated in a sport I love. I would happily spend an evening (sometimes daytime) getting drunk and then going to a disco. To me life was good, a girlfriend would have been nice but I was a fresher (and tall, dark haired and Scottish). At this time I didn’t really give God much thought, although I wasn’t always best pleased with my behaviour.

My journey to God had some major turning points; the realisation that I had always believed that God is real led me to ask for more information and eventually to Church. When it became obvious that God was chasing me through friends, family and events in my life it stimulated me to read the Bible and pray; both things that I hadn’t considered doing other than for selfish reasons. Finally upon hearing, accepting and understanding that we are all sinners but that there is forgiveness and grace sparked a moment in my life that has changed me forever.

Since putting my faith in Jesus a number of my emotions have been heightened; I feel much happier, enthusiastic and joyful, all of which are rather strange and alien sensations for a stubborn and emotionless Scotsman. I would never have considered these suitable descriptions for myself and know that it is through God that these changes have occurred, and for that I am full of praise.

However, the biggest change was in my idea about perfection. The whole concept was a large stumbling block for me in becoming a Christian. I couldn’t grasp the idea of being as sinful as I have been, I am, and will be, while claiming to be a Christian, plus I didn’t really like the idea of stopping stuff that gave me enjoyment.

But God has shown me that I had it all wrong. I did not have to be, and certainly was not, perfect to receive His grace. I received it because of Jesus’s death on the cross.

Here was a man who despite temptations and mocking voices had lived the perfect life, instead of us, and then was willing to sacrifice Himself on the cross for all of our sins. His death and resurrection has meant that by putting my faith in God I am accepted as perfect. Plus, and this is despite my rather regular failings, God also provides me with His strength and wisdom to guide me and help me, so I can live for Him.

I am not trying to preach at you and I certainly can’t judge anyone; as since becoming a Christian I’ve committed enough sins that you could probably remake the film 'Seven' (hopefully not as dark or twisted (a great film by the way if you’ve not seen it)) with all my wrong doings. I just wanted to share that I believe by sharing the skills, qualities and resources that God has blessed me with, to an area that is under-resourced and has a great need, that I am living for Him.

Thanks for reading, much love and God bless x

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